Hot Racing


Funny racing game for free


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Hot Racing is a free racing game that will give you hours of fun while trying to drive your racing car and winning the race.

It may not be the best game you have ever played and the graphics are not like the ones you find when playing Need for Speed, but it is amazingly funny and very challenging. Races in Hot Racing are very 'arcade', like the ones you used to enjoy in old games like Out Run, not as realistic as new generation games. Choose your car among the list of Tourism and Formula 1 and compete in single races or tournaments.

You'll compete in real tracks: Nurburgring, Suzuka,... and the control keys are very simple: Arrow keys: Up to accelerate, Down to brake and left and right to turn. After a few laps you'll have got used to the controls and the asphalt will be your playground.

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.

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